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How to search the Allowances Publication System

Stage 1

Select if you would like to search by month or by year. For an annual year just select 2008-2009. If you would like to only search for a particular month or period within this year, select 2008-2009 followed by the start month (e.g. April) to the end month (e.g. June).

Search page showing date selection

Stage 2

Chose which Assembly Member you would like to search for. Alternatively you can also select the individual political parties for a list of Party Expenses claimed.

Search page showing assembly member selection

Stage 3

Chose the allowance you would like to view. To search for all allowances claimed for do not select any allowances.

Search page showing allowance type selection

Stage 4

Choose which particular expenditure you would like to search for. To search for all claims under the particular allowance, leave all options blank. You may choose multiple options should you wish to.

Search page showing allowance type selection

Stage 5

Click on ‘Find’ and a result screen will appear.

You will be able to view further details for each results produced by clicking on the ‘View Details’ link. Please note that certain data including addresses, regular travel journey destinations and Assembly Members’ Support Staff salaries will not be individually published due to Data Protection reasons.